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our commitments

At Carolina Estefan we are committed to incorporating sustainability and environmental conscience into our business and fashion. Our aim is to minimize waste while maximizing product life cycle. Dive into our world of resort wear, crafted with care, where our high-quality garments embody versatility, seamlessly transitioning from beachside chic to evening elegance. Join us in dressing up your wardrobe while dressing down your environmental impact.
Our garments are versatile, high.quality pieces created in timeless silhouettes that incorporate the latest fashion trendes designed with love to be long-lasting.

The packaging is meant to be reused or easily recycled. We encourage you venture out on your daily adventures with our insignia totes.

We continuously source materials and fabrics that make a statement both in style and sustainability supporting our goal of achieving a circular fashion model.

At Carolina Estefan, we prioritize collaboration with local talent to craft high-quality products while fostering community growth.Through close partnerships with artisans, seamstresses, and suppliers, we ensure each garment embodies craftsmanship and dedication, while also paying fair wages and promoting safe working conditions. Together, we're not just creating fashion; we're shaping a more ethical and sustainable industry for the future. Join us on this journey in celebrating craftsmanship, fairness, and sustainability toward a more ethical and balanced future in fashion.