This collection reflects the essence of the organic shapes that lie within that feeling of a lost land that Iceland portrays, seen through the eyes of a tropical brand. As usual, the designer gets inspired during her trips as she is exposed to different landscapes and places that catch her attention and immediately become a crucial statement for her hand illustrated print development. This time, Iceland amazed her, and she challenged herself to translate the details of such a cold deserted place into a Resort Collection. Starting with whites and light blues, and moving into lilac and bright yellows through other bright colors, the collection is based on the transition in nature’s landscapes from winter to summer. Prints go through glaciers, frozen waterfalls, water ripples, and shipwrecks, to geometric long roads that lead to mountains and lupin flower fields. Illustrated prints designed and hand painted by the designer intertwine with hand-embroidered eveningwear. Our versatile pieces range from Beach Kaftans to Silk Eveningwear, so you can wear this special collection in every occasion.