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CAROLINA ESTEFAN is a Designer Resortwear Brand that embodies modern femininity with a distinct focus on Tropical Chic, curated for women seeking versatility, confidence, and sophistication in their wardrobe. Our signature illustrated prints define our fresh, colorful aesthetic, infused with a hint of eclecticism, ensuring each piece is a unique masterpiece in your fashion gallery.


CAROLINA ESTEFAN the brand was born from the visionary minds of sisters Carolina and Silvana Estefan in 2012. Inspired by a global upbringing across Colombia, Brazil, the United States, and France, the brand embodies a truly global perspective. CAROLINA ESTEFAN is a celebration of a multicultural journey, drawing inspiration from the rich mosaic of cultures encountered in travels, resulting in an array of Tropical Chic collections that seamlessly blend diverse influences into timeless pieces.

Our flagship store first launched in 2012 in the vibrant city of Bogotá, Colombia and has since embarked on a journey of global expansion. With captivating showcases at prestigious fashion events like Miami Fashion Week and Bogotá Fashion Week, our tropical chic collections have found homes in over 15 premier designer boutiques worldwide. As our brand continues to grow and blossom, the mission remains the same: to celebrate confidence, versatility, and embrace the essence of modern femininity through our tropical chic garments. 



Born in Medellín, Colombia, Carolina's innate passion for art and design has been unmistakable from her earliest days each stroke of a crayon a testament to her creative spirit. Nurtured in the vibrant culture of Brazil, she seamlessly merged her love for aesthetics with a keen interest in fashion. Guided by her vision, Carolina developed her craft at distinguished institutions such as the Savannah College of Art
and Design and the esteemed Parsons Paris School of Design, where she graduated with honors as a fashion designer.

Her journey through the realms of fashion unfolded on prestigious stages, from the backstage of Paris Fashion Week to renowned ateliers like Halston and Shiatzy Chen. These experiences, combined with her unwavering dedication, culminated in the inception of her eponymous label a 
reflection to her commitment to craftsmanship, versatility, and timeless elegance.

OPEN-BOW BLOUSE - Carolina Estefan



Born in Cali, Colombia, Silvana has embodied a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit since her early years. Her childhood was marked by the imaginative game of 'SuperSilvi,' where she eagerly sold various goods to family and friends, igniting her passion for business. This innate passion for commerce and negotiation only deepened with her academic pursuits at Duke University and Sciences Po, where she graduated with honors in Economics and International Relations. Complementing her academic achievements, Silvana further enriched her expertise by earning a Strategic Marketing Diploma from Universidad de Los Andes in 2016.

Drawing from invaluable work experiences at Ralph Lauren and Pro Colombia, Silvana has brought a wealth of intangible assets as co-founder of CAROLINA ESTEFAN, enriching the brand's vision and impact."